Video Transfers & Duplication, Photos & Slides to DVD

We are still offering duplication and transfer services at Jack's!



Are you needing old family movies and photos converted and transfered to DVD? Have a shoebox of old photos that needs digitized for future generations? How about needing a dozen copies of your last family vacation video to share with everyone who was there?


We can do that for you here at Jack's! Simply contact us to make an appointment, then drop off your film, tapes, CDs, DVDs, or memory cards. We'll take care of the rest.


Here's some of the services we are offering, please contact us if you have any questions:

  • Movie film to digital transfers
    • 8mm
    • Super 8mm
    • 16mm
  • Videotape to DVD
    • VHS
    • VHS-C
    • Betamax
    • 8mm video
    • Hi8 and digital 8mm video
    • MiniDV and MicroDV
  • Digital movie files to DVD
  • Photos to DVD, up to 12x15" and video slide shows
  • Film Negatives to DVD
  • Film Slides (positives) to DVD
    • 35mm, 126, 110 in 2"x2" mounts
    • odd sizes, not in 2"x2" mounts
    • stereo slides
    • glass mounted slides
    • medium format slides in 3"x3" mounts
  • MiniDVD recovery
  • Audio to CD
    • 8-track cartridges
    • audio cassettes
    • reel-to-reel audio
    • 7", 10", 12" LP/vinyl records
    • micro-cassettes
  • Batch DVD/CD duplication

Call or e-mail us for pricing and to schedule your appointment.

If you have questions about an item, want to purchase an item, or are looking for something specific, please call or e-mail us.



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